This blog is dedicated to rediscovering how life was in the 15th and early 16th century in the Andes. I would say the Inkas, and I will likely state the Inkas as the predominate culture in posts here and there, but it’s important to note that as an empire the Inkas absorbed different cultures and left them in tact, for the most part. So to say that Inka culture was predominate outside of Cusco is wrong, and if someone states that Inkan culture was dominant form Colombia to Chili would be incorrect, they were the dominant government.

There were many cultural attributes that were shared among different ethic groups in the Andes, just as different European countries and cultures shared much in common yet stood independently during the same time period. This blog will ultimately become a podcast, and youtube channel and a place where people that are interested in the Andean ethnic groups can come to get in-depth knowledge and hear from experts in the field

The posts on this blog will coincide with my research for my 4 part novel series, Cord and Tassel with the first book Pachacuti being released in 2021. It will follow the life of a Priest (Hatun Uillca) of Inka descent, a yanacona of Chimu descent, (privileged servant), a Cañari princess, and Apuskispay Quisquis from 1528-1578, or until their deaths.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.