I’ve written here and there about “pachacutis” and other timekeeping practices that the ancient Andeans used, and to some extent still used today in that part of the world. There is another unique way that many Andean cultures, including the Inkas and the Aymara, look at the time and that is that the past is in front of them and the future’s position is behind them.

Western cultures, and most others that I am aware of view the past as behind them and their future in front of them.


Time is viewed differently. Andeans viewed the past as in front of them and the future as behind them

Utilizing this outlook on time can drastically alter the way the world is perceived and may be a beneficial tool in reducing stress in today’s world.

The wisdom attributed to this unique way of looking at time is that the future is hidden from us, much as is what is behind us and the past is apparent because it’s in front of us. The popular English saying “Hindsight is 20/20” implies that it would be in front of us, not behind us.

When this outlook on time is coupled with the view of the Pachacuti cyclical time model, it’s much easier to stay relaxed and focus on what matters. A Pachacuti, as a quick recap, is a cataclysmic change that inevitably occurs when life forces are out of balance. A Pachacuti can be good or bad but it is always a change that restores balance. When life and existence are in balance, everything is good. When the balance is lost, life and existence suffer until a Pachacuti occurs where everything changes thus, within the Pachacuti model, balance is what matters and that’s where a participant in that model focuses.

If one was to let go of trying to view the future and instead succumbed to the model that it’s hidden from us, as everything is that stands behind them, they could cease worrying about the future and focus on the past and where they are, and why they are there. It’s admitting to oneself that they don’t have control of the future. Instead of worrying about what the future is going to bring us and how we will respond to events we can’t predict (Not many events can be predicted based on human senses alone and without using tools), focus on the balance that our lives have. That is the only thing that will prevent a Pachacuti.

This outlook on life conflicts with the popular sentiment of the day that an individual must keep their eye on their future and on their goal and through that one can become anything they desire. But then, sometimes one’s goal is to just be content and I think this way of viewing life fosters contentment and promotes balance in existence and one’s life.

Since this is a blog, I do not include my sources. If you wish to know where I got this info, please contact me. It is all from scientific sources and is reliable.