Map of the Peruvian Coast Year 1700

The coast of Peru is very dry, but it gave life to many cultures and civilizations throughout the years given the glacial runoff of the Andes. This map of the Peruvian coast shows some of the most sacred sites in the Inca Empire were on the coast including Pachacamac, and Chimor.

These coastal cities were important enough for the Inca to order the construction of the Qhapaq Ñan to span them. They also fought many bloody wars in conquering this area. These settlements were vital for diversification of economy and food, and spondylus shells, fishing, trade to name a few things.

The success of these coastal settlements depended on the rivers, each of which was revered and named. This map is very important because many of these rivers have since been renamed or have disappeared by either being dammed or diverted. While reading the chroniclers they reference these rivers and settlements. This map plays a key part in understanding what they were talking about.

Due to the dry climate, many of the ruins have been preserved and are now being excavated.

Map created by Herve, Juan. I obtained it from the Library of Congress

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Map of Peru Coast on parchment

Map of coastal rivers and settlements from Guayaquil to Lima.



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