J.D. Lanctôt is the author of Acllahuasi and the forthcoming book Pachacuti. He is an expert about Inca Anthropology and puts the research into novels. He manages the blog CordandTassel and contributes to Medium, Issu, and DailyKos

In the series of emails, you will receive the following information

There are many unique structures in Cusco and Machu Picchu. Know what they were and how they played a larger part in Inca society.

The Inca Culture was fascinating. Their dead went to parties, they partied while they farmed, and they were expert, expert diplomats.

Email #3: Food. The Inca ate more than just guinea pigs (coy). Potatoes were domesticated in the Andes, corn was the power crop, and coca, well that wasn’t illegal. Much of the health food today comes from the Andes.

Email #4 What Cusco Used to Look Like. Cusco is a dual city, to the eye of a tourist it looks like urban sprawl, but if look past the facade you see Inca Culture is still there. You just have to know what to look for.

Bonus: You will receive Acllahuasi: An Inka Novel. One of the most important institutions in the Inca Empire was the acllahuasi, translated as “girls house.” It was the Inca version of a nunnery. The acllahuasi at MP is among the largest in the Inca Empire.