There is a lot of information about the Incas on the web. Almost all of it is repetitive, but that which isn’t is interesting. Always C=check the sources of the facts to be sure they are reliable because there is a lot of false information out there. Here I have compiled an “Inca Resource Page.” If you cannot find what you need on my website, these websites should be able to help.

Journals and Periodicals

Ñawpa Pacha, This is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes quality works. They are not Inka specific.

Revista Haucaypata is an online journal that focuses primarily on the Incas. It is in Spanish, but Google Translate does a decent job translating.

Mike Ruggeri’s “Andean News Magazine” I’m not sure who Mike Ruggeri is, but if you do online research beyond the basics you come across his name. I subscribed to his email list and have learned tons. This “New Magazine,” links you to many of the current finds in the Andes. He also has his source page which links out to many other services.


The Path of the Sun has many interesting videos about the modern descendants of the Incas and dives deep into the principles of Ayni.

Expeditions Unknown: The Hunt for Atahualpa’s Tomb Many of these non-fiction shows brush over details. When I watched Josh’s search in the highlands of Ecuador looking for Atahualpa’s tomb I was decently surprised at the correct information.

Basic Information

If you are new to your research about the Incas I suggest you avoid Wikipedia. A lot of the information there isn’t correct (as of September 2018). Instead look at the following. has a fantastic rundown and will give you all the information you could possibly want to know about them. has good information as well. It differs from that of Ancient so if you need another place to look, it’s here.

I will continually upload more links as I find them.