J. M. Lanctot’s ongoing work with Pachacuti about the Inka Empire


Here you can see what part of the history of the Inka Empire is being recreated in the book Pachacuti today.

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The month of December

I’m stuck on the final pages of Acllahuasi. I’ve decided to rewrite them because they don’t feel right. I’m struggling with what to do. I’ve got a long motorcycle ride coming up and on that ride, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

New blog post. Cusco Part 1 is posted. Part 2 and 3 will come in the following months.

The month of September

Most of my time is being spent writing a blog post about what Ancient Cusco was like in the year 1525, the year that Cusco reached its height of influence. Keep an eye open for this 5000+ long post.

As for Acllahuasi, I have secured a copy editor to catch all those pesky commas I forgot.

The month of August

Acllahuasi Please follow this link to view the very long excerpt of the Acllahuasi. This will have to suffice as I work through the publication processes that is likely to take a long time.

Pachacuti: Tupac Unfortunately, no new updates here. I’m still stuck on Chuki. He’s a difficult character to write as he is very unlike me. I have to be in the right mood to think like Chuki. He’s selfish, selfish, brutal, and stubborn.


The month of June

Acllahuasi is finished. It’s sitting around as I wait to get my computer back from the computer hospital and then I will put it on the website. My poor computer is in failing health after I dumped a quart of tea on the keyboard.

In Pachacuti: Tupac Chuki is busy re-creating himself after a severe crisis, but the ruthless and ambitious man doesn’t require much time in order to re-create himself. He just met some new-comers to the land of South America.

The month of March

Acllahuasi is still stewing in the background as I try to re-engage Chuki where I left him in Pachacuti: Tupac.

No big updates this month, but I’ll continue to write away and make the Inka Empire come back alive. This month I have read Turn Right at Machu Picchu, which is an excellent book and I highly recommend.

The month of February

Although Acllahuasi is completed, I decided to follow Stephen Hawking’s method of allowing the novel to “roast” for about 6 weeks and then I will review it one more time before I release it. While it’s roasting I am working reviewing part 1, and returning to Pachacuti.

Pachacuti: Tupac: I was unable to work with Chuki very much during January, but he’s been on my mind. I miss that guy like I miss a friend. He’s up to no good in my mind, always plotting and always pursuing a hidden agenda that sometimes I don’t even know. I look forward to spending some time with him in February. There isn’t an end date for Pachacuti at the moment.

The Month of January

The final part of Acllahuasi is complete and will be available where ever online books are sold by months end. The name has been changed to Acllyahuasi (Acllyahausi is how the chroniclers spelled the Inkan institution, but modern scholars are reverting to Acllahuasi. I will keep with the original).

Pachacuti: Tupac. I’m still working with Chuki, he’s turning out to be a deeper thinker than I thought he was. I’m going back through the book making him a more complex character who plots more than anyone else, and sometimes succeeds, sometimes doesn’t. After I’m complete with Chuki’s POV, I will go back and blend the stories together. I’m looking for beta readers.

The Month of December

I’m about to finish the second part of Acllahuasi about Tara’s time in Cusco and how she overcomes personal problems as well as physical threats.

Pachacuti: Tupac is coming along, Chuki is busy trying to prove that he is up to the challenge now that he’s been given a chance to become something. Maybe he’ll be able to, maybe he won’t. Chuki never ceases to surprise.

The Month of October

Acllahuasi is now available! I am working on part two of the book which will go much more in-depth into Inca culture in Cusco. If you sign up for the mailing list now I will send you a copy otherwise you can find it on Amazon for $2.99.

The book of Pachacuti is coming along nicely. I was struggling with a few scenes that take place in Quito but now I am happy with them and moving right along. I am still confident the book will be coming out before mid 2019.

The Month of September

Acllyahuasi is off at the editor and should be back any day. I really thought I was going to have it on Amazon by now but I guess not. I am superstitious and so I am going to forego saying that I’ll have it on Amazon this month so that maybe it will.

Most of the last weeks have been spent on Pachacuti. I am reviewing the full book length of the character Tupac. He is the most complex character in the book and very difficult to know. He’s a strong guy that cannot get a break from life and a lot of the time is spent trying to figure out how he can respond rationally to yet another thing going poorly in his life.

By month’s end, I plan on having the 2nd draft complete of the Novella Casamarca.

The Month of August

I am working on the final draft of Acllyahausi. It is a short story about a beautiful girl that is taken from Cañari, given the name Inka, and taken to Cusco. Once at the acllyahuasi, she learns to influence the Inka elite in protecting her home. Ultimately, she reaches the Inka and raises her people to a new level of honor. This is my first attempt at magical realism, and am interested in seeing the response.

It turns out short stories a bit more tricky then I thought they would be, but I should have this on Amazon by the end of the month.

I am reviewing the character arcs in Pachacuti. It is important to remember that humans, whether they live in Chad, Israel 2000BC, the North Pole in 1930, or in Peru in 1532 all have the same emotions. Because of that, I am reviewing each character and ensuring that such emotional capacity is reflected.

The Month of July

I have three projects in the works right now. First: Pachacuti. My characters are just about to reach Cusco, and a major character just died. I don’t think readers will miss this character. It will create a void in the book that the readers will have fill elsewhere. I will stop writing about halfway through this month to focus on research. Cusco is a very complex city with a lot to know. I already have studied a lot about Cusco, but there is much much much more.

My second project is creating short stories. I am nearly done with the final draft of my first short story which is called Acllyahausi. It is about a beautiful girl that is taken from Cañari, given the name Inka, and taken to Cusco. Once at the acllyahuasi, she learns to influence the Inka elite in protecting her home. Ultimately, she reaches the Inka and raises her people to a new level of honor. This is my first attempt at magical realism, and am interested in seeing the response.

Acllyahuasi and Famine take place in these locations.


I am about done with the first draft of a second story. This story is about the famine the Inkas created when invading Casamarca. It also demonstrates the wisdom they had in winning the hearts of the annexed.

My last writing project for July is to continue with the blog. I am going to make it more readable. So far the writing has been complex and many novice readers may not understand. If you read the blog post from June 25, you will see I have a duty to do this.

July will fly by, and hopefully, by the end, I will have my first short stories published on Kindle and posted here.

For the month of June

I am working on the cortege that brings the mummy of Huayna Capac from Tumipampa to Cusco. The journey is a spectacle to all those who see it, but no one is supposed to know that the Sapa Inka is dead.

Meanwhile, the two men in charge of the cortege hate each other and the reset of the leadership is an emotional wreck fueled by the loss of their leader, and the epidemics afflicting each level of society.

Atahualpa, Inca, Pachacuti

A picture of Atahualpa, the half brother of the new Sapa Inka, who remained in the north.


The leadership has a new pressure now. They just learned that their own lives may be in danger from the new Sapa Inka Huascar. He is enraged that they left Atahualpa, who Huascar views as a threat, in Tumipampa.

Can they keep the secret of the death of the Sapa Inka? Are they going to be killed by each other, what about when they arrive in Cusco?


The month of May

This month I am writing about a lead character named Tupac. He is desperate to save his future wife from the biased judgement of his rival. In an effort to do so he is kidnapped and held captive until he promises to do certain things. The tasks to complete are to assist his captor in gaining political leverage. All seems well until he learns that if he fails one of his only remaining friends, and yanaconac, will be killed.