Map of South American Continent in 1692

This is a 17th-century map of South America complete with several locations that have since been moved, renamed, or don’t exist anymore. It is very useful to see how the new world was seen 150 years after European discovery.

There are many locations on this map that never made it onto another map, for example, Tomebamba (Tumipampa) was still listed, as well as Mullibamba. There are also many inaccuracies such as Cuenca being located SW of Quito. In actuality, it is located SE of Quito.

By 1692 time the Inca Empire was done and the Spanish government’s hold was certain. The Viceroy in Lima was doing all that he could to end the ancient practices. The Native population were on haciendas and were overall treated poorly.

Outside of Peru this map displays the different places of European colonization. There are many cities on the North coast of South America, as well as along the coast of Brazil. You can see that the Amazon is lightly explored and very poorly understood.

1692 South America Hulsius, Levinus; Hans and Hanni Kraus Sir Francis Drake Collection

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Map of South America on parchment

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